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Welcome to Central Maine Heat Pumps. The Fujitsu Leader in Maine.

You found us and you will be glad you did. Central Maine Heat Pumps has been growing and growing to serve our expanding customer base. Just a short few years ago we could not use Fujitsu or Mitsubishi heat pumps effectively in the cold Maine climate. But now thanks to the new technology we can use heat pumps and they are saving Mainers thousands of dollars. Not to mention keeping people warm and toasty in their home. They are also an amazing air conditioner in the summer months. No more lugging those heavy window units up to go in the window.  Old house, New house, Camp, Cottage, Office, Commercial space,  even a large gathering room. Central Maine Heat Pumps can help you and your family stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. For a better idea of what heat pump look like and options for placement check out our photo gallery.

We heard from one of our customer while he was making a decision on a contractor for his heat pump project. He said that while talking to our competitor that they said Central Maine Heat Pumps hasn't been around long and they wont be around for the long haul. I'm here to tell you we will be! Central Maine Heat Pumps has been around since 2000. We work closely along with our sister company Advanced Spray Foam that has been doing Spray Foam insulation, weatherization, and cellulose Insulation for almost 20 years. We at Central Maine Heat Pumps will be around for a long time. Our commitment to our customers and their satisfaction is second to none. Check out our testimonials.

Central Maine Heat Pumps has also been growing to meet the demands of Mainers in Southern Maine as well. Some people are just starting to hear about heat pumps mostly from the people that already have them and are cool and comfortable. With the best products and customer service in Central and Southern Maine, Central Maine Heat Pumps will take care of you every heating and cooling need. Contact us or stop into one of our showrooms at Central Maine Heat Pumps 227 Neck Road in Benton Maine or Central Maine Heat Pumps 290 Bridgton Road Westbrook Maine. Contact us today to see how Central Maine Heat Pumps can help you.


Our new showroom at 227 Neck Road in Benton Maine is now ready. Stop in to see what the system look like. We have the latest models installed for you. You will see how great they look in the environment where they will be working. Stop in to see how nice and how quiet they are. Don't worry how hot it is out to go browsing around. Its cool at Central Maine Heat Pumps.