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CMHP Stories

So around 9PM tonight while driving home I was thinking about some of the stories that come across. Some are about the Central Maine Heat Pump team, Some are about customers. Some will make you chuckle and some laugh out loud. Some will even pull at your heart strings.  I will start from now moving forward and also fill in some of the past as they come up. I figured that I will do it on both of our websites. I will add the central Maine Heat Pump Stories here and the weatherization and insulation stories on our Advanced Spray Foam site.

So Here Goes. I will try and keep updated as best possible and add pictures when available.

Today 3-19-2015 I traveled to West Baldwin Maine to look at an install of a GE Geospring heat pump hot water tank. I also traveled to Windham Maine to look at one and also Gorham Maine.

The troops installed 4 GE Geospring heat pump hot water tanks today in Portland Maine, South Portland Maine, and Cape Elizabeth Maine.

This evening I was in Sanford Maine and was speaking to a customer about insulation. The customer noticed the signage on my truck and asked if we do geothermal heating. When I told him we did not and that we only did air source heat pumps his comment was "oh those don't work when its cold outside". I explained to him that in fact they do work when it is cold outside and why. He told me that he knew some people that had one and it didn't. I told him that it probably wasn't a Fujitsu heat pump. I told him there are a lot of different brands out there and in fact some do not work in the cold. I told him I would be glad to find some people for him to talk to that have great success with their heat pumps in the cold Maine winters. He now is in fact considering a heat pump in his new addition.