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Grow Room Cooling

Central Maine Heat Pumps has been receiving a lot of inquiries about keeping grow rooms cool. Some are hesitant to give a location or are carful about information they give about the project. We have done plenty of these projects and your privacy is our utmost concern. We want the unit sized properly, installed properly, and most of all we want it to preform the way you need it to. You can trust Central Maine Heat Pumps.

When its essential to keep plants at a constant temperature and keep the room cool because of the increased temperature of the lighting you can trust Central Maine Heat Pumps and Fujitsu to keep your crop safe.

Here is a room with a Fujitsu air conditioning installed. The room is insulated top and sides. The condenser is mounted on the deck above the ceiling.





Here is another room.






Condensing unit place outside the grow room and out of the way above the ceiling.






Another ceiling mounted condenser.






Fujitsu 30K Heat Pump.






Fujitsu Multi Unit Heat Pump.






Outdoor Fujitsu Unit mounted outside.






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