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Our Philosophy


 At Central Maine Heat Pumps, we are part of the Maine community. As a result we make every effort to contribute positively to that community. We start by making our customers happy, saving them money and increasing the comfort in their home. . We are able to do this by providing efficient and effective heating solutions for those long Maine winters.

Heat Pump Efficiency

Our Fujitsu air source heat pumps are one of the most efficient heating options currently available to Mainers. We will also install Mitsubishi units.  They transfer ambient heat from the air into a refrigerant in the outdoor compressor, which pipes the refrigerant into your home and transfers the heat into your indoor air. They do not simply heat coils like traditional baseboard heaters and are able to provide 2 to 3 units of heat for every unit of energy used. A heat pump may not be able to heat your entire home on Maine’s coldest days, but it severely lessens the stress on your furnace throughout the year. They can even cool air, in the same way they warm it, during our rare heat waves.

Efficiency Maine

We are an Efficiency Maine PACE-Registered Vendor. This means we can provide Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing through AFC 1st, which you pay back against your property taxes. So if you move, your home improvements and costs stay with the home. We’ll walk you through the paperwork to see if you’re eligible and then help you with the financing paperwork if you are eligible.


If you’d like to learn more about how our services can save you money and make your home more efficient, please contact us today!