We take a whole-house approach to our installations.  Before we determine which size unit you need, we consider the state of the home first. Every single home is different in its own way. If insulation or air sealing may benefit a home, thereby reducing the need for a bigger unit, we will recommend it.

6 Hour Air Seal Special:

We may recommend that you have a 6 hour air seal special done in your home. What is a 6 hour air seal you may ask?

red blower door

We use a tool called a blower door. The fan on the bottom expels air out of the home. Anytime there is air going out of the home there has to be air coming in somewhere. It may be around doors, windows, chimney chases, attic hatches, attic penetrations, and basement rim joists. Those are the areas we target for air sealing. There is a computer on the door (about mid way up on right) that measures the amount of air moving by the fan. As we tighten up the home the number goes down. That is how we know that we are making a difference. The reason for telling you this is that currently right now through Efficiency Maine you can have 6 hours of air sealing done for $600 and Efficiency Maine will pay $400 of that. If we preform this service at the same time as we install qualifying heat pump then Efficiency Maine will pay $500 of the $600. That means that you get 6 man hours of blower door assisted air sealing and the materials to do the sealing for $100. We have so many of our customers take advantage of this. Most are amazed at just how leaky their house is. The blower door tells the story. It exaggerates the air leakage so that you can physically feel it and be able to tell just where your house is leaking.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't think we are trying to push a bunch of stuff on you to sell you. Its a great deal at only $100 and if you don't want to do it you don't have to. We simply want to help you tighten things up so your house if more efficient and also it will give you a better idea what is going on in your home. We do all the paperwork for Efficiency Maine. You don't have to do anything except sign the form.

As BPI Certified Professionals, Instead of an assessment we can also conduct a Home Energy Audit for a more in depth look at your home.   Contact us to schedule your assessment today.

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