Heat Pump Water heaters let you go from using $100 a month worth of oil in the non-heating months to $15 worth of electricity. Heat pump technology has been proven as an efficient and reliable heating method for many years. This unique technology has now been adapted to water heaters. Heat Pump water heaters pay for themselves in three to four years by offsetting the consumption of oil with the extremely efficient use of electricity.   Heat pump water heaters use the of the surrounding air to heat your domestic hot water. 

  • During the summer months, Oil boilers operate between 20% and 40% thermal efficiency heating up the water you use for showers, dishes and cooking.
  • Heat Pump water heaters operate between 200% and 300% thermal efficiency. That means that for every BTU of electricity they use, they create between two and three units of heat.
  • Heat Pump water heaters dehumidify the basement while they’re making hot water. If you are currently running a dehumidifier in your basement, you will get free dehumidification.

Heat Pump water heaters cost between $2800 and $3200 installed, and will pay for themselves in between 2 and 4 years, depending on how inefficient your current system is. 

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Geospring Pro electric hot water heater


H O Smith Hot Water heater

Listen to Andy Myer of Efficiency Maine explain how Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters work.


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