Westbrook (207) 699-6793
Benton       (207) 238-0347


Hi Dawn, The installers have finished, and I just called April and gave her my credit card payment.  The guys were right on time and did a great job, cleaned up nicely and were a pleasure to work with just like you said!  Thanks again for all your help, Gail
Cindy & John B.
Hi Todd! We just had heat pumps installed at our house this week by your company, Central Maine Heat Pumps. I just wanted to share with you how pleased we were with the excellent service that we received right from the start. I found your company by googling heat pumps. My first interaction was with Gary. He was great over the phone. He came to the house to look things over and give us an estimate. Gary was very helpful in answering my questions and explaining how the system works. He was great to talk with. The two installers who came did a great job as well as the… (read more)
Anne A.
We were very pleased with the installation and so far are happy with the heat pump.   The crew was very friendly and professional. Thank you.
Trish W.
We just got one installed in Winslow. The crew that installed it were very professional and fast! We are very happy! Thank you!
Jenny and Dan
Dear Todd, We love our heat pumps! We have always heated with wood and plan to continue to supplement our heat pumps with wood when it is very cold. However, we have never been this comfortable at this time of year (early October) when you have to make a choice between having a wood fire and be too hot or skip it and be cold.   We had 2 heat pumps installed, one upstairs on the main floor and one down stairs in the basement where there is a laundry area and a bathroom.  So far, we have only had the one in the basement on at 65… (read more)
Brendan S
Dawn, Thank you for the ceiling work. I have not inspected it myself yet but my tenant said it looks great. I'll likely have a look this evening myself, but I am confident in the quality.  I'll be in touch come springtime. Looking for possibly some heat pump water heaters and pricing cellulose in my walls. Got to rebuild the spending fund a bit.
Kevin W.
Good morning Dawn. Awesome job!  I wanted to let you know that each and every one of your employees was professional and courteous, and Kim and I could not be happier with the end result!  All those trucks in my driveway was impressive and each member of your crew, and electrical subcontractor, worked diligently and steady and were very willing to answer any questions I had.  I have already noticed a difference in the basement, and look forward to using the heat pump for the first time. I keep going down in the basement to stare at my walls and heat pump water heater…..I know, weird right? … (read more)
Bruce S.
Thanks April!  You’ve been wonderful to work with!  I anticipate that we’ll be doing some of the other things Todd recommended, perhaps later this year or next spring. Bruce
Nick C.
Dawn, I just wanted to shoot you a final follow up email. Thank you to you and all those who helped us get the new heat pump installed quickly and affordably with no hassle. The heat pump worked wonders during that humid stretch last month, my wife loves it! It is quiet, simple to use, and our bill increased only by about $10 last month (which may be partially due to the increased use of a small air conditioner we have upstairs). Also, I just received our $1,000 back from Maine Efficiency. Thanks again for everything. It was a pleasant experience that I plan on passing on to… (read more)
Elizabeth C.
I am very pleased with the work Central Maine Heat Pumps did for me. Their energy consultant designed a well thought out plan answering all my concerns and questions. The installers were very professional arrived on time and left everything very neat. The heat pumps made last winter our most comfortable and they are keeping the humidity and heat in check this summer. They truly keep the energy cost down.